Starry Night Tablecover

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Product Description:

The tablecover for the Starry Night Collection has the dark, night sky, deep navy color running through the center and fades to a lighter blue on the edges.  The golden chains stretch across the design and dangle stars and moons at the edges.  There are shadows of stars and moons scattered throughout in the background.  A very beautiful, sophisticated design for your girl's special event.  Coordinating with the plates and napkins, this tablecover is a beautiful addition-- completing both the 16 year old party or the 13 year old party.  The cover is thick paper, lined with a plastic film.  Spills, if caught quickly, can be wiped away.  Dimensions are 54" x 108", and will fit your long party tables.  Easily cut in half to cover two card tables.  Tack it up on a wall, and you will have an extra large backdrop for photos at your party.